Quality control

KT&G ensures quality control at all production stages.

Experts check the quality of all tobacco supplied to the factory. Modern digital equipment provides strict control of tobacco types. After checking the quality, the tobacco is mixed with other ingredients according to strict procedures.

One of the most important indicators of tobacco quality is moisture, so tobacco is treated with a certain amount of steam and water before being loaded into the machine.

End-to-end production automation allows us to control the quality of each individual cigarette. Therefore, we are confident that our products meet all applicable standards and requirements.

The final quality control procedures are performed during packaging. Sealed packs are stamped with their production date, confirming freshness.


A feeling of pride and responsibility is in the base of all ESSE cigarettes manufacturing process from choosing tobacco leaves to assembling the finishing product.

Company’s main purpose in making ESSE cigarettes is keeping the original rich tobacco aroma.

Tobacco: tobacco leaves, which are the source of rich and exclusive aroma, are thoroughly checked and processed from the moment it’s grown to the moment it’s produced. Only high quality Virginia leaves are sent to the production line.

Blend: despite the fact that ESSE are super slim cigarettes, they keep the original tobacco aroma. Advanced blend technologies create a globally well-known soft and rich aroma of ESSE tobacco.

Filter: ESSE high quality filter is the result of scientific research and advanced technologies.

All the resources for cigarettes production are imported directly from Korea.


As KT&G is a modern and socially responsible company, we invest heavily in environmental management at our production facilities.

We consider this area of activity to be extremely important, therefore KT&G has implemented an end-to-end approach to management, combining specialized activities, advanced technologies and employee training in environmental management.

At all our production facilities worldwide, we systematically monitor emissions into the atmosphere, constantly increase our stake in environmentally friendly technologies, and guarantee compliance with all applicable environmental standards.