KT&G Company!

KT&G, Korea Tomorrow&Global, has over 110 years of experience in the market, is one of the leading tobacco companies in South Korea, and holds 5th place among the biggest tobacco companies in the world.

Having come a long way from a government monopoly to a modern corporate citizen, KT&G is now one of the leaders in 10 international markets and is the No. 1 brand for super slim cigarettes, according to Euromonitor data for 2014–2015. Today our products are sold in more than 50 countries. Our Russian brand portfolio features such popular trademarks as ESSE and Blooming.

Apart from tobacco products, KT&G is also widely known on the world ginseng market. The company owns pharmaceutical and biotechnological businesses. The Russian market is considered one of the key areas for KT&G, and the company has been present here since 2003. Our most popular trademarks in Russia are ESSE Blue, ESSE Special Gold, and Exchange.

In support of our clients' love of diversity, we offer a wide range of high-quality cigarettes with a distinctive pack design and unique aroma.

Company history


The year 1899 became the key moment in KT&G history when a ginseng manufacturing agency was founded under the supervision of the Korean Imperial household.


In 1908, the Korean government passed a tax law on tobacco products and founded a tobacco monopoly. In 1952 two monopolies merged, thus accumulating significant means and production capacities.


By the mid 1960s, tobacco production had increased to such a level that South Korea started exporting cigarettes.


Years of rivalry with western brands forced the Monopoly Department to start a full-scale reorganisation. Finally, in 1989, Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation appeared.


In 1990, while actively developing and strengthening its presence in international markets, the company managed to enter the USSR market, which was experiencing a severe shortage of cigarettes.


In 2002, the corporation became private, changed its name to KT&G, and merged with the Celtrion biotechnological company.


KT&G has been present in Russia since 2003 and has invested in the construction of a factory in Kaluga Oblast, which started in 2008. In 2010, the company started local manufacturing, and in the following year it launched mass production and promotion of its main product line ESSE in the Russian Federation.


2013 saw the launch of the Blooming cigarettes line. Currently, ESSE is one of the most popular cigarette brands in Russia, with an ever-expanding product range.

Our logo

In 2002, Korea Tobacco & Ginseng adopted the new name KT&G and fully reinvented its corporate style.

While staying true to our traditions, we also believe that we must keep up with the times; and today the minimalism and elegance of KT&G's newly designed logo reflect our main values in the best way possible.

The logo embodies our ethical and transparent way of business and our care for our clients and the environment. Moreover, it represents our desire to share these values with millions of people all over the world, since KT&G aspires to expand its influence by gaining global presence in the world tobacco industry.

Green and blue colors represent a rational aspect, reflecting dynamism and innovation.

Red and orange colors express an emotional approach, denoting a challenge and passion.

Gray color shows a balance indicating wisdom and faithfulness.

Our principles

Ethics, solidarity and strive for innovations

With full understanding of the responsibility

taken by any company operating in the tobacco market, we are nevertheless proud of our comprehensive, transparent and ethical way of managing business.

By expanding to and exploring new markets

we increase our contribution to social development, environmental protection and promotion of agricultural innovations, medicine, and biotechnology.

We invest in modern technologies and specialists

we create new jobs, and we offer only high-quality products that meet all ecological and sanitary standards.

International Presence

KT&G exports its products to the Middle East, South-East Asia, Africa, Europe and USA. Residents of over 50 countries all over the world can buy cigarettes and other KT&G’s products.

The company has four modern production lines in Republic of Korea, there are also plants in Indonesia, Russia, Turkey and Iran.

Besides tobacco business KT&G has strong positions in making ginseng, operates on the property market, takes part in developing medical equipment and biotechnological products.

Social responsibility and charity

KT&G is constantly increasing its involvement in different social projects aimed at helping those in need and supporting education and culture.

The best examples of the company's support of national culture are the Sangsang Madang Center and Sangsang art gallery. Starting in 2005, KT&G has been opening such centers in different cities across the Republic of Korea, and they have already become places where promising artists and sculptors can express themselves, places where modern exhibitions and art festivals are held.

Charity foundation, founded by KT&G in Republic of Korea, conducts various projects in the fields of relief, taking care of seniors, kids and immigrants, it takes part in organizing volunteer movements.

In Russia KT&G regularly supports people in recovery center for the underage in Kaluga region «Orientir» and social shelter for kids and teenagers “Zabota” in Bor.

KT&G’s scholarship fund administratively and financially supports talented pupils and students, who due to various reasons can’t afford high-quality education.